Remotely-Sensed Biogeochemical Cycles in the Ocean
remOcean project funded by the European Research Council (2010-2016)

remOcean leaves a legacy

data, publications and outreach


Direct access to acquired remOcean data routinely updated by still active floats


Publications resulting from data analysis and synthesis are regularly posted


Outreach initiatives « adopt a float » and « mon ocean et moi » launched by remOcean


Based on state-of-the-art remotely-operated observation techniques (profiling floats and satellites) remOcean was a project, funded in 2010 by the European Research Council, that aimed at addressing the causes of variability in the biological oceanic pump with a strong focus on the role of phytoplankton production. remOcean was a highly regarded program that contribute to the emergence of the international Biogeochemical-Argo program.

Hervé Claustre

remOcean principal investigator

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Data visualization

Get access to data acquired by remOcean floats, including still active floats

Publication list

Data analysis and synthesis is still ongoing and resulting publications regularly posted

Outreach activities

remOcean was the starting point of two main outreach activities components : « adopt a float » and
« mon ocean et moi »


remOcean was funded by the European Research Council « Advanced grant »
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